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Rabindra Nazrul Jayanti


BCAA welcomes all to celebrate the birth anniversary of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore & Rebel Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam on May 11th 2024 at IACRF Hall. We will be having a quiz, group dances, songs & drama to celebrate the two most famous Poets & writers from Bengal.

Rabindranath Tagore (born May 7, 1861, Kolkata, India—died August 7, 1941, Kolkata) was a Bengali poet, short-story writer, song composer, playwright, essayist, and painter who introduced new prose and verse forms and the use of colloquial language into Bengali literature, thereby freeing it from traditional models based on classical Sanskrit. He was highly influential in introducing Indian culture to the West and vice versa, and he is generally regarded as the outstanding creative artist of early 20th-century India. In 1913 he became the first non-European to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. He founded Shantiniketan – an Open University for liberal arts in 1901 which is still popular & hundreds of students graduate from there every year to continue his legacy. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Rabindranath-Tagore

Kazi Nazrul Islam (May 25, 1899 — August 29, 1976) was a Bengali poetmusician, revolutionary, and philosopher who is best known for pioneering works of Bengali poetry. He is popularly known as the Bidrohi Kobi — Rebel Poet — as many of his works showcase an intense rebellion against oppression of humans through slavery, hatred, and tradition. He is officially recognized as the national poet of Bangladesh and commemorated in India. Scholars credit him for spearheading a cultural renaissance in the Muslim community of Bengal, “liberating” Bengali poetry and literature from its medieval mold. By creating a bridge from traditional Islam to a modern sensibility, Kazi Nazrul Islam helped to bring his people into a new relationship with modern life.

Venue Address: 2804 W Maryland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017.


  • We will get the Hall on Saturday only, anyone wishing to practice or setup their music & other items should reach out to the Cultural Secretary ASAP to reserve their time.
  • Cultural Program will begin at 6pm sharp and end at 8pm. Details of program will be published soon. 
  • We will be providing boxed snacks at the end of the program – please do not eat it inside the Hall as it may lead to penalties being levied by IACRF.


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Bengali Cultural Association of Arizona (BCAA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and promote Bengali culture in the greater Phoenix area. It also regularly engages with international, national and local charities in driving community services. BCAA’s Youth Group strives to promote the vibrant Bengali culture among the next generation and drives charitable work for noble causes. Arizona Bangla and Cultural school provides great opportunities for kids to learn Bengali language and culture.

Please reach out to BCAA using the below email id if you have any specific question.


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